Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the time...

…for engagements!

I am at the age (23) where many of my friends are getting married (some are even having babies which freaks me out even more but I won’t go there now). I am nowhere close to being engaged and really don’t fully understand why so many people still feel the need to get married so young BUT to each his own! Anyways, I went to one friend’s wedding a couple of weekends ago and had an absolute blast because it was the first wedding I have been to with many of my closest friends instead of my family (though they know how to party too). I also recently found out that I am a bridesmaid in a college roommate’s wedding this summer. We had an engagement party for her last weekend, which was VERY fun, so I am excited, and I really do enjoy weddings and wedding festivities. But as is the case whenever I am invited to a wedding, I also look back to all the weddings I have been to. Since I have a lot of cousins and am one of the youngest on both sides, I have been to more weddings than anyone I know my age has. Here we go (in no particular order):

1. Cousin Bobby’s (flower girl)
2. Cousin Carolyn’s
3. Cousin Pat’s
4. Cousin Kelly’s
5. Cousin Mike’s
6. Cousin Brian’s
7. Cousin Tim’s
8. Cousin Lia’s
9. Cousin Cara’s
10. Cousin Caitlin’s
11. Uncle John’s
12. Brother Brian’s (bridesmaid)
13. Friend of the Family Lindsay’s
14. Friend Tara’s
15. Friend Emily’s
16. Friend Samara’s
17. Friend Sarah’s (bridesmaid)- Summer 2010

The list will surely increase exponentially in the next few years, so I am going to try to keep it all remembered. I can handle weddings to some degree, probably not when all my friends are married and I am not, but I can deal because they’re fun. But babies…babies are another story and one of my sorority sisters is now preggers (at least she has been married 2 ½ years). But still, it’s crazy!


I am fully 3 weeks and 120 hours into my internship (with 40 hours direct). I have 13 weeks and 480 hours (including 200 direct) to go. No big deal. Well it wouldn’t be a huge deal if it wasn’t the middle of winter and we weren’t expecting a foot of snow tomorrow. Now school will be closed most of the next week. This sucks because I have to get to 600 hours no matter if we miss 2 weeks of school or not, so snow really delays my progress. I don’t want to have to go far into May to complete my hours because I have a job starting the 2nd week of May at my practicum site doing SOL test prep. The only thing I could do is finish up my hours at my new job since it is in a middle school. We’ll see. This is all very annoying but everyone will be in the same boat as me so it’s not the end of the world. I’m trying to relax and let it go. Snow is fun for a day but we already had snow 6 weeks ago. I like being able to drive, thank you.

As for the actual internship work, it overall has been great. Some days there is not a whole lot for me to do, but I love the people and I love working with kids. It has been an emotional adjustment hearing what these kids go through and having to call CPS and do risk assessments but each week is a little easier. I also am getting used to both my supervisors so co-counseling is getting better as well. I really believe this job is the best fit for me because I can use my social/people skills and my organizational skills. I also am very efficient so I get work done fast. I am thinking middle school will be the level I most desire to work in, but there is something I like about all levels. This job is especially exciting since I am trained to counsel k-12 but it is so different at each level. I don’t think I will ever get bored because I can always switch it up. I love education and schools and think I can make a difference. It will be nice to get paid to do it though☺.

First Professional Interview

I am officially interviewing and applying for my first professional job! It is very exciting. I like interviewing because you are basically just promoting yourself and since I have a bubbily personality, I find that fun and easy. I also view it as they are either gonna like me or not, so I might as well just be myself now and not have to worry about showing my true colors later. My first interview was last Saturday in Fairfax, and I went with my friend Alyson who is also from my program. We both felt that VCU prepared us very well for the interview and think we should have a good shot getting a second interview or perhaps even being early hired (!).

I interview with Loudoun County in a week and a half in Richmond and feel much more confident and excited about that interview since I already have one under my belt! Loudoun is my second choice next to Fairfax, but it would be fun to work and live there since that is where Nate (my brother) is. Also, with the budget cuts everywhere in Virginia, I figure the more places I interview, the better chance that I won’t be waiting tables next year. Northern Virginia is more expensive, but they do pay more and I have many friends from college up in the D.C. area. Traffic will suck, but being close to D.C. has many other perks since it is a very cool city. A job is a job, so I really can see myself being anywhere. Though I am sticking to Virginia since there is no point going to another state in this economy.

Rolywa Revamped!

I’ve decided to revamp this blog so it’s more about my life than about the random things I think about on a daily basis like the older one was. That is not to say it won’t be random, but I am going to try not to have posts about songs lyrics or my television or music obsessions, and if I do, I will try to have those posts relate more to my life. We’ll see if I can do it! I figured since I am going to have a master’s degree and will be moving on my own “officially” for the first time ever (not counting college when I didn’t have to pay for everything), I can chronicle my journey. Also, as an intern student and surely next year as a first year counselor, I should have some stories to tell! Also, for those interested, “Rolywa” is a nickname my best friend came up with in high school that is the first two letters of all three of my names- Robyn Lynn Walsh. I have many unusual nicknames- Ro, Roro, Robespierre, Robenstein, and Roro2go, but this one is the most used now and is my license plate too☺.