Friday, January 29, 2010

First Professional Interview

I am officially interviewing and applying for my first professional job! It is very exciting. I like interviewing because you are basically just promoting yourself and since I have a bubbily personality, I find that fun and easy. I also view it as they are either gonna like me or not, so I might as well just be myself now and not have to worry about showing my true colors later. My first interview was last Saturday in Fairfax, and I went with my friend Alyson who is also from my program. We both felt that VCU prepared us very well for the interview and think we should have a good shot getting a second interview or perhaps even being early hired (!).

I interview with Loudoun County in a week and a half in Richmond and feel much more confident and excited about that interview since I already have one under my belt! Loudoun is my second choice next to Fairfax, but it would be fun to work and live there since that is where Nate (my brother) is. Also, with the budget cuts everywhere in Virginia, I figure the more places I interview, the better chance that I won’t be waiting tables next year. Northern Virginia is more expensive, but they do pay more and I have many friends from college up in the D.C. area. Traffic will suck, but being close to D.C. has many other perks since it is a very cool city. A job is a job, so I really can see myself being anywhere. Though I am sticking to Virginia since there is no point going to another state in this economy.
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