Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the time...

…for engagements!

I am at the age (23) where many of my friends are getting married (some are even having babies which freaks me out even more but I won’t go there now). I am nowhere close to being engaged and really don’t fully understand why so many people still feel the need to get married so young BUT to each his own! Anyways, I went to one friend’s wedding a couple of weekends ago and had an absolute blast because it was the first wedding I have been to with many of my closest friends instead of my family (though they know how to party too). I also recently found out that I am a bridesmaid in a college roommate’s wedding this summer. We had an engagement party for her last weekend, which was VERY fun, so I am excited, and I really do enjoy weddings and wedding festivities. But as is the case whenever I am invited to a wedding, I also look back to all the weddings I have been to. Since I have a lot of cousins and am one of the youngest on both sides, I have been to more weddings than anyone I know my age has. Here we go (in no particular order):

1. Cousin Bobby’s (flower girl)
2. Cousin Carolyn’s
3. Cousin Pat’s
4. Cousin Kelly’s
5. Cousin Mike’s
6. Cousin Brian’s
7. Cousin Tim’s
8. Cousin Lia’s
9. Cousin Cara’s
10. Cousin Caitlin’s
11. Uncle John’s
12. Brother Brian’s (bridesmaid)
13. Friend of the Family Lindsay’s
14. Friend Tara’s
15. Friend Emily’s
16. Friend Samara’s
17. Friend Sarah’s (bridesmaid)- Summer 2010

The list will surely increase exponentially in the next few years, so I am going to try to keep it all remembered. I can handle weddings to some degree, probably not when all my friends are married and I am not, but I can deal because they’re fun. But babies…babies are another story and one of my sorority sisters is now preggers (at least she has been married 2 ½ years). But still, it’s crazy!
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