Monday, May 17, 2010

Robyn the Runner

So apparently in the past year I have become a runner.

That is not to say that I love and look forward to running a few times a week. But now I can actually do it, which for anyone who knows me, is impressive. See, I always ran but it was for something- like to get to the ball in soccer or to run away from my brothers chasing me. My choice of sport was never running. I swam and rode bikes but never busted out the shoes and went for a jog.

Well that started to change in college. All my roommates were runners, and UVA is known for it's running students. I could jog a mile fine, but I mostly went to the gym instead, though I did start doing the treadmill more and might occasionally run to the gym. After college, though, I decided to enter into a 5k after many of my friends did the 2009 Monument Avenue 10k. It seemed so fun that I wanted to enter a race. So I started running. My goal was to just not stop and to be able to complete a 5k in around 30 minutes. After about 6 weeks of training around the neighborhood, I could do it! I successfully ran my first race- the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure- in May 2009. I ran on and off throughout the summer and fall after wards, but if the weather was ever too extreme (hot or cold) I wouldn't run. I operate best between a temperature of 40 and 70.

2010 came and so did the Monument Avenure 10k in March. I was running about 3 miles once or twice a week or so, and decided to register and walk with my mom. Well, I got so into the race that I couldn't stop! I ran (mostly) the whole race and finished around 1 hour 7 minutes. I was hooked. It was so fun that I knew I had encountered something I was interested in. I still had obstacles to overcome- blisters, bad shoes and randome aches- but I knew I wanted to run more. I did the Race for the Cure again a few weeks ago and finished at about 30 minutes. I did have to walk but only breifly due to some stomach cramps. I am not a pro at working through pain, but I recover quickly and can tackle hills and distance better than I could last year. This past weekend I spontaneously did the Carytown 10k. I finished in 1:02.30! I beat my time from the Monument 10k by 5 minutes (and I didn't train for the distance). I start feeling lously after a 5k, but I am able to push through. I walked for probably .2 miles yesterday, so I felt I did great. I sure am paying for not training though- aches and pains all over!

So I am becoming a runner! I have a 5k coming up in June, and then I will probably retire for the summer until the weather cools off. Heat and pains still effect me pretty easily, but I hope to get better running shoes and start going longer distances.

And I leave you with a photo of me and Marge after the race...
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