Friday, June 18, 2010

Going to movies...alone?

People have different opinions of going to movies. I have a few friends who will see any movie they want alone, and some friends who REFUSE to go to a movie alone. I will do both. Some movies I will only see with friends, but chances are those are movies I don't really want to see much anyways but will go if other people want to, or they are movies like Sex and the City, that you see with girlfriends. Other times I am perfectly content in seeing a movie alone. For instance, last February I had done nothing all day and really wanted to get out of the house but all my friends were busy. So instead of sitting around my house bummed and bored, I went to a movie by myself. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. IF you think about it, you don't really talk to people much during the movie, so going alone does not effect the movie experience. And frankly, if I really want to see a movie and none of my friends do, I'm not going to NOT go because they don't want to. Sorry.

This all is being brought up because Toy Story 3 is out this weekend, and I reallllly want to see it. I've had a rough few weeks and could use a good Pixar cry and laugh. I can't decide if I want to go today or wait a few days, because I know opening weekend is going to be crowded and full of children, but none of my friends want to see it. Also, a matinee price is very appealing:) The movie has gotten great reviews and, thus far, is 100% fresh on rotten tomatoes after 85 reviews. That is impressive. We'll see what I do.
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