Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last 5k of the season

I competed in my 4th and last race of the spring- the Dash for Donna 5k. This was a local race that ran through my neighborhood, and it took place at my elementary school. It was for a former teacher who got sick and lost both her legs (from septic shock- very rare. It was a bad infection), so this race raised money for her prosthetic legs. I ran with my brother, his girlfriend and my mom and dad. I got the best time AND did my personal best on a 5k- 28:55. I was very pleased and felt pretty good until the last mile, but to be fair it was all uphill. I am now retiring for the summer because of the heat, but I am excited to get back into running in the fall once it cools off. I am definitely feeling better and stronger than I did when I started running consistently last year, so I am optimistic for more races and even better times next year! I will do an occasional run this summer when it is cooler in the mornings, but I am hoping to get some swimming in!

This is how I wish I looked when I run- I actually look like I am in pain and dying most of the time. I'll work on my form more in the fall:)
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