Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saw it!

I took the little girl I babysit to a showing. It was great. Only problem is I don't really remember the first two, so now I have to go back and watch them! I also didn't cry, which is a shocker considering I cry at most everything (even commercials) and the end was very touching and relevant. I am glad Pixar is the studio with the biggest hit right now. Just goes to show you that studios shouldn't be churning out crappy movies just to get them made. They should be taking their time and really focusing on good stories. Because if a movie is good, people will pay to see it. Many of Pixar's movies are some of my all-time favorites with "Finding Nemo" being my favorite Pixar film. I also was pleasantly surprised by "Up" last year- quite the tear jerker! Pixar knows how to made movies that appeal to all parts of your soul- the moving, the funny, the adventurous. One movie a year is not bad as long as it is a good one!

Now I'm ready for Leo's "Inception!"
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