Monday, July 5, 2010

Harry Potter is Legit

I just read the last book of the Harry Potter series (the deathly hallows) for the 3rd time. It still blows my mind.

No judgment.

The Harry Potter series is probably the only series of books that I can read over and over again and not tire of them. I got into the books in the summer of 2000, because of my best friend Sarah basically forcing me to read them. This was when the hype was really reaching fever pitch, because they were turning the books into movies and the 4th book was coming out. I read the 4 books in about 3 weeks. I had never been hooked so much in my life. I got my mom into them, and we PAID my brother to read the books because we thought they were so good. He read them but didn't think they were amazing, and neither did my dad. To this day they both only read the first 3, but I have never met anyone else who hasn't been hooked. If you haven't read them, you can't comment. I will only take criticism if you started them and could honestly stop the series with no care of how it ends. Then talk to me. (I can criticize Twilight because I read the 1st book and didn't like it- I think vampires are stupid and the book was random- who thinks a creepy guy staring at you obsessively with an evil look is hot? Honestly?)

Anyways, back to HP. Cut to 10 years later- I still love Harry Potter. The themes, the humor, the fantasy, the many movies, the theme park (woah?!), and the world of Hogwarts and England. I want to go to Hogwarts. The summer I studied abroad in Oxford, I felt like I was in Harry Potter land. I really "got" the world the fictional characters were meant to be in (minus all the magic) and it was awesome. The cobblestone, the Diagon Alley type streets, the old castle-like buildings with random old objects, and of course the English countryside all are a part of Harry Potter world!!!

They are even more obsessed over there too- I was there right when the 5th movie and last book came out. Talk about mania.

The first film also filmed in Christ Church at Oxford. Here are some pics from where they filmed the Great Hall and Sorting Hat scene from the first film...

I also saw the countryside they used to film the Hogwarts train and Hagrid's cabin...

Anyways, Harry Potter is very cool and one of the most imaginative, brilliant literary stories ever created. I love long, drawn out complex mythologies (hello LOST!), and Harry Potter has that and so much more. While the films are no match for the books, I am still looking forward to seeing the last movie come out. The new trailer is pretty sweet. I just hope they keep the movie as similar to the book as possible, because when they stray (ahhem, the burrow fire in the 6th film), it isn't good.

Now, I just may have to re-read then entire series again. Sans the last book obviously.
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