Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day in the Life

...of my 2010 summer.

9:00- Get up
9:05- Eat a bowl of cereal and either watch "Today" or "Saved by the Bell" reruns
9:30- Get dressed
9:35-10:30- Workout at the YMCA
10:35-11:00- Shower and get online (check email, facebook, twitter,, and cnn)
11:00-1:00- Watch "Beverly Hills, 90210" on SOAPnet.
11:05- Curse myself for not being older when 90210 was big in the 90's.
11:30- Wonder why they casted such old people to play high schoolers.
11:52- Debate who I think is the most attractive and if Tori Spelling can actually act.
12:00- Eat a lunch of honey wheat pretzels dipped in honey peanut butter and yogurt. Yummmm.
1:00-4:00- Do some sore of errand, apply for jobs, read or catch up with friends (Starbucks has become a big hit for some Iced Chai Tea)
4:00-4:45- Get online again to see what I have missed since 11 am
4:45-5:15- Eat an early dinner and get ready for work
5:15-10:00- Make some $$$$$$.
10:00-11:35- Clean up, check online again to see what I've missed since 5 pm and watch some TV
11:35- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Not the most exciting life, but, hey, it's summer, I'm unemployed (waitressing isn't a real job), and I live at home. Thank god for SOAPnet- it has changed my life with all the 90210 eps I have never seen!
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