Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Job at Last:)

Hi! Life has been crazy these past two weeks! After accepting the part-time job offer at FC Elementary that I was going to take and long-term sub on the other days, I was called by the principal at the high school I was told an opening might occur but had decided against trying for it, to come an interview the next day. After speaking with the head of counseling at Chesterfield and many of my friends for advice, I decided to interview and see how I felt about the school and people. I made up my mind before going in that I would take the job if I got it (I just couldn't pass up a full-time gig) and felt good about the school and people. Well, I interviewed at 10:30 the following day (it went very well- but at this point, I had been on so many interviews- ahem, 11- that most had started going well because I knew all the questions) and got called with an offer around 1:30. I immediately took it.

I had to start work that Monday (last Monday), so three short days later I showed up at Meadowbrook High School brand new and with no clue about what I was supposed to to! I set up my AMAZING office (I'll post a picture later) and met everyone, who were all nice, and got right into the swing of the BUSY and crazy world of a high school counseling department! I had a great first week- it was overwhelming and I worked long hours, but it was always fun. I am excited to go back tomorrow for teacher work week to meet more people and get myself even more organized. Not to mention work on a TON of course conflicts. It will be a busy week (I am also moving Wednesday...yes, perfect timing) but I am loving it so far and especially the fact that I get paid for it! When I get my first paycheck, I may have a small heart attack- this is more money than I have ever seen, much less made!

Everyone was telling me all along that everything would work itself out, and while I did not want to hear that during the long and emotional months of interviewing, I fully believe that is true. I went into counseling to be a high school counselor and always wanted to work in Chesterfield to be close to family and friends. I never was as excited about elementary counseling but felt I had to settle for what I was given because of the job market. I love middle school and still would love to one day work at that level, but right now I feel I will learn the most and have the most fun at the high school level, especially a diverse high school where I will have to be aware and involved in many different options and organizations around the community. I am young and energetic, so I want to use these years to really refine my craft and learn as much as I can. Also, the people are just so wonderful at the school that I have a great support system (two other counselors are just one & two years out of VCU) and the students really NEED me, which is what counseling is all about. I will not just be used to help them take the hardest classes, but to actually graduate or get their GED and help them with the tough issues they experience at home. I truly believe that this is where I am meant to be- I just wish I had known everything would work out much sooner:).
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