Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was thinking today about how on earth people got anything done before email. Literally, 75% of the work I do, I get and do through email. Calling people is never a good way to get in touch because people are so often not at their desks, phones, or home. AND think about how hard it would be to get into contact with people at home before cell phones when you would be calling people while they were at work. How on earth did stuff get done before email? I need to speak to an older generation. I remember my childhood without internet or cell phones, but that was before work. I guess there were many more meetings, many more phone calls, and probably a lot less productivity in the workplace. I know internet and email has increased speed and productivity in the workplace and world, but I wonder if it has actually made our work better quality and our world better?

Just an interesting thought to ponder while going into your weekend!
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