Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving Out and On

I am officially an adult. I have a full-time job (with benefits), am paying into retirement, no longer get any monetary help from my parents (yes, I cut up our joint credit card today) and have moved out of my parent’s house. It only took 24 years!

This past week (Wednesday of the week before students return to school- perfect timing, right?) me and three of my friends moved into a wonderful 3 story, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse in the Grove, a subdivision of Midlothian. It is absolutely wonderful for 4 young, single, working women. Each of us has our own bedroom, bath, access to a garage, laundry, no yard work (yay!) and cheap rent. Our rent is literally $1250 a month. We divided it up by room size, so since I have the smallest room, I pay the cheapest rent. I basically will be able to save a grand a month because of how cheap my living expenses are. The YMCA is also literally .25 miles away, so that is a nice plus tooJ.

Because my room is so small, I have my desk in the downstairs dining area, along with another one of my roomate’s desks, but a table still fits in the room with the 2 desks and we have a great bay window to look out of. Also, having my desk outside my room will allow me to be more social as opposed to sitting locked in my room with no reason to come out. Also, since I have a TV in my room but no cable, I will venture to the main sitting/dining area to watch TV and be more social with my other roommates. It will be a lot like when I lived in the sorority house and people hung out downstairs because rooms were small and we wouldn’t see everyone unless we hung out downstairs (and no one had cable in their rooms either). I liked that and it will allow me to separate my sleep area from my social and work area. The two have merged too much the past few years!

As is always the case with moving, an adjustment takes place. First off, I brought my cat Romo, but not Milo because one of my roommates has two sister cats that she can’t separate. I figured 4 cats was too much and am worried that Milo wouldn’t do well in a new place since he is 11 and getting a little less flexible (and he sprayed all over the house for a year after we got Romo), while Romo is only 2 and has always been in a house with another cat. The girl cats are only 1, so I think a nice bond should take place. As of now they just stare and hiss at each other and run away. But none of them have front claws, so I figure no big damage can be done. I just wish Romo would get out from under my bed more often!

Second, living with people is always an adjustment. Getting used to the noises, the hours people keep, their cleanliness, ect. I was able to live with all different types of people in college, but I have had a 2 year break of living with my parents which was a very easy lifestyle (no laundry, noises, major cleaning or cooking). I am confident I will get back into the swing of living with people, but it will take time to get used to everything. As of now, I have been alone in the house 4 out of 5 nights, since people have been out of town and slowly moving in. I am not crazy about living alone, so that has been an adjustment, but with the cats here now, I have some company. Starting this week we’ll all be here AND it is the 1st week of school for the 3 of us in education, so it’ll be an interesting week. BUT we have no internet or cable ‘til Wednesday, so I am thinking that will be a big plus to an otherwise busy, crazy week. I missed football this weekend because of no TV and that is NOT ok!

I will post pictures as soon as everything is set up. I also need to photograph my office at work. I really am enjoying the 3-day weekend, so hopefully I will be well rested for the start of the school year! It will be a year of many changes- hopefully all good:).
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