Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obsessions vs. Robyn, Round 1

A little update on my previous addictions, obsessions and habits.

1. M&M Pretzels: I thought I had gotten over this powerful addiction. It had been months since I had an M&M pretzle- probably since June. Then this past Saturday, my lovely friend Rochelle bought an entire mega-size pack of them just for me at her sister's 16th birthday party. Lucky me, I got to take the extras home. Now I have gotten my roommate obsessed, and she wants to buy more before we are even done with the bag I brought home. No big deal that I just went to the gym and ate half a bag with my microwaveable pizza. Not unhealthy at all, but at least I saved money not purchasing them for myself.

Obsession-.5, Robyn-.5 (at least they were free)

2. Diet Pepsi.: So, as I declared in this blog, I decided to give up sodas in late June, due to health, expenses and just plain curiosity to see if I could do it. Well, fast forward three months later and I can literally count the number of times I have had a soda since then. Once was after hiking Cinque Terre in Italy, when I had half a can to boost my sugar levels after the 4 hour hike, and lastly was this past Sunday at a football party where I literally had a sip of Diet Pepsi. Verdict after 3 months? Soda tastes like acid and metal. I do not miss it at all and am drinking much more water, causing myself to be more hydrated, my skin to look better and me just feeling better about myself. And I save a ton of money buy not buying sodas. I just need my handy water bottle and a brita filter and I am good to go. I also drink lots of crystal light to go!

Obsession- .5, Robyn-1.5

3. Moving Out: My goal at the end of grad school was to move out of my parents home by the time September rolled around. As many of you should know, I succeeded AND got a bangin' deal on a great place. I would say, I got the best deal I could ever even dream about- $250 a month plus utilities in a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse with a garage and free parking? Yes, please!

Obsession-.5, Robyn- 2.5

4. Employment: Well, no one said it would be easy to get a job. After 11 interviews, I finally landed a job. I know I can't complain- many people don't have jobs and are looking for much longer than I did, but the job search was a very emotionally and mentally draining time. It kicked my butt, but I won in the end. Holler.

Obsession- 1 (for being tough), Robyn- 3

5. My kitties: I love my boys. Unfortunately, I had to split them up and take only one to live with me when I moved out. It was very tough, as the youngest has only ever known life with his big brother. BUT 3 weeks into the new arrangement, I am getting stronger everyday, and I think they are too. I still am sad to know that they are missing one another and probably searching for the other, but I know that this was the best decision I could have made. But no one said the right decision is always the easiest.

Obsession- 1, Robyn- 4

6. Glee: Um, original viewer here from the early premiere back in May 2009. I would say I win. Second season picks up tonight, with more viewers than ever. Don't stop believin'!!

Obsession- 2 (kinda has taken over hours of my life), Robyn-4.5

So I think I have done very well the past few months. Now I need new obsessions to conquer for the school year. Lord knows working 40 hours a week for the rest of my life will leave me with many new annoyances and obsessions to overcome.

Stare down of the kitties. See? Obsessions can be cute.
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