Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Memories Post #1

Have you ever had a moment during your day, when a semingly random memory pops into your head? No? Well, I do, so here are a couple of random memories from my early childhood.

1. Sitting on my parent's bed on my 6th birthday (in Ohio) waiting to go to the park where my party was being held and thinking how awesome birthday's are, but how the excitement/waiting SUCKS (picture above at the party).

2. Looking out the window in my room in Virginia, sad about having to go to a Braves baseball game with my family, because I thought it would be soooo boring. Then my Grandmom Simpson came in to make me feel better and said in a high voice (something like), "Oh, sad little girl staring out the window. You remind me of a painting." I thought that was so lame, but it made me smile.

3. Playing soccer during PE in 7th grade, and thinking about how all I wanted to do was get home from school and go to my friend Kim's house to drink Grape juice!

4. Screaming, "Mommy, mommy, mommy" down a slide at Wynadot Lake in Ohio when I was 4 after begging my mom to let me go on it (probably my earliest memory).

5. Playing on a playground at Indianola Park when a boy cracked his head open and started throwing up. It freaked me out. In relation to this, I also remember playing behind Colonial Hills Elementary and how much I liked to walk home on my dad's shoulders and hear the crunch that his feet made on rocks. Still, to this day I love that sound.

6. After moving to Virginia, I came back to visit my friend Lizzie who lived in my old neighborhood (I was 8 or 9). I remember playing in her room and her asking me what radio station I liked to listen to and realizing we don't have the same radio stations in different states. I also still vividly remember her basement play room and eating white cheddar Cheez-its at her house because her little sister Ellyn liked them.

I told you they were random.

Not a random memory, but a cute one of me and Beanie:).
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