Monday, October 25, 2010

Books for Free!

It blows my mind how amazing the library is. Why did I never utilize it before? I can actually go and bring home books and not pay for them? What?

I have become a Barnes & Nobles girl. I go to B&N, read some mags, get a Starbuck's coffee, browse the books, find a book I can't live without, and buy it. Then I read the so-called amazing book, sometimes find it awesome and sometimes not, almost always wondering "why did I spend __ dollars on this?" If it's good I give it to others to read and never see it again (thereby wasting my money). If it's bad I throw it in my Book Exchange bag, where I donate books to get a certain amount of credit at a used book store. Sure, that's reusing my money, but ultimately, even though there is a nice selection of used books, I never get my full money's worth on the book I bought. Yet, I never learn my lesson. I keep going to B&N and keep buying books and other random things I don't need. I mean, I know "sTori Telling" is an essential book to read and all, but should I really pay $15 for it?

The amazing thing about the library is, since you're not paying for the book- you can read whatever you want and not feel guilty! Do I really need to read Kristin Chenoweth's bio? No, but, heck, it's free so why not! Do I really want to buy a cookbook and start cooking? No, but heck, maybe if I have some free time one day I'll use one of the recipes. As long as I renew the books before I have to pay late fees, I am good to go. I also feel that by going to the library I am somehow helping the world become a little more green, because I am reading reused books instead of buying them, which ultimately wastes more paper (oh god, not the trees!). Also, going to the library is like a civic duty or something to help my community. Isn't it?

So, as I am busy changing the world by becoming an avid library-goer, you all should really join in on my discovery. Don't let bookstores suck you in (but going to them is still acceptable if you want to read/use the internet whilst drinking good coffee or reading mags and not paying for them. I don't judge anyone about that. Magazines are too expensive to keep up with).

Tori Spelling the author. Is she a good writer? Not really, but hey, I didn't pay for it so you can't judge me!
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