Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I don’t. I microwave. I put things in the oven. I heat up soup. I put things on toast or bread. I cut stuff up. Breakfast for dinner? Why not! Cook? No. To me cooking is baking a turkey, having BBQ sauce to dip the turkey in, and making cous cous (aka boiling water and stirring cous cous in) as a side. Or making pasta and nuking (is that even a real word?) frozen veggies, and mixing it all together with marinara sauce. Then I proceed to eat the same thing the whole week, as I am just one person and a box of pasta serves like seven. To me, dinner isn’t about the creating part; it’s about the eating part. So why would I waste time making food when I could just be eating food. AND food that’s easy to make doesn’t even taste bad.  I mean really.

Not only do I not like to take the time to cook (Sorry, it just isn’t fun), but I hate having to buy food for specific recipes. When I go grocery shopping, I buy the main staples, like cereal, bread, veggies, yogurt, and fruit. Why would I waste my time and money on spices and random things that I would use once for one recipe and then have tons left over that would go untouched? I am basic. I don’t want to buy something and have it sit in my cabinet forever. I am only one person. Maybe if I was big into dinner parties or cooking for my roommates that wouldn’t be so terrible (actually, it would be kinda fun to put a huge meal together for a special occasion…hmmm). But as for now, it’s just me and having to buy a bazillion different ingredients and products that I would only use once in a while is not enticing. Baking, on the other hand, is another story. Though, as with cookie, buying ready-made baked goods is just as good as homemade stuff. This whole 21st century world of prepared foods sure is ingenious.

I know I have the time to cook, and I know that is all you really need As long as you can read and follow directions, you can make most anything.  I just don’t want to spend my time doing it. What do I do with the time I save not cooking? Not much. But it’s just nice to know it’s there. I can read or work out or watch TV or hang out with friends. Basically I can do what I want, because I will have already made dinner, eaten and cleaned up in about 20 minutes.

Now if you will excuse me- I have some microwaving to do!

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