Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day in the Life #2

To piggyback on my post yesterday, I thought I would just let you know what a day in the life of a school counselor is actually like. It is always different, so this is just a snap shot of what my day was like today. If you’re not too excited I also included pictures of some of my saweeeet office:).

7:10- Arrive at work
7:15- Meet with students and/or parents that stopped in before school begins
7:30- Check and respond to email
7:45- Go to a UVA-Wise College Admission Counselor Visit with Seniors
8:15- Make passes for Juniors and Sophomores that are failing a class
8:45- Meet with upset student about fight at home
9:00- Meet with Juniors who are failing classes (what’s up with an F!?!)
10:30- Take pictures of counselors for our bulletin board “Counselor Bios”
10:35- Meet with a Senior who wants to drop a class
10:45- Continue meeting with Juniors
11:00- IEP meeting
11:30- Parent phone calls and student walk-ins
12:00- Lunch duty. Holler. Like I could do anything if a fight broke out?
12:45- Winston Salem College Admission Counselor Visit
1:05- Meet with student wanting to graduate early
1:15- Email people with questions on if graduating early for this student is a good idea
1:20- Finish meeting with my Juniors
1:40- Parent walk-in!
2:00- Meet with students as they leave for the day with various issues
2:10- Finish up on emails and other loose ends
2:30- Leave!

Some pics of my sweet office! Windows galore!

Oh, hey! Hard at work, as always:)
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