Friday, November 5, 2010

A Tell-Tale Sign That I Like School Too Much

Not only do I work in a school and have only been out of school for 6 months after 19 straight years of education, but I already miss taking classes. I miss the friends I make in classes, learning from teachers, taking notes (weird, I know), reading books that left to my own devices I would never touch, and having to study. I think I just have the “school” gene. I love the environment and learning. I still am learning a lot at my job, particularly because I am new, but it’s not the same kind of knowledge. I like the theories and impractical stuff you learn in schoolJ. Screw the actual necessary mindless stuff I have to learn to do my job!

I have always thought I would go back to school. Either get another Master’s or get a Ph.D (if I have time), but I also know that life can sometimes get in the way of those plans. If I have a family it would be hard to do all that, but if I don’t or do it relatively soon, then I will have the time. But I also want the real world experience. I think that brings a whole new dimension to you as a person, and it would make me more sure of what kind of degree I want. Work experience is very important in higher education too- it makes research and theories and practical application easier to understand and apply. I was lacking that in grad school because I came straight from undergrad. So, while I was good at the school part of grad school, I wasn’t always as in-tune with the real-world experiences. I drew heavily from my own experiences in school, which was fine, but if I was further removed from school it would have been harder. But, school is school and you are either good at reading and writing and studying and researching or you’re not. Luckily, that all comes easy for me, so I am always motivated to do well. I think I could succeed in getting a Ph.D. if I get my mind wrapped around it. We’ll see when that happens.

I also have goals before I go back to school. I want to work longer and maybe even in another job. I think it would be fun to work in student affairs or admissions at a college, and I think my experience in high school counseling would be good for that. If I don’t switch jobs, I also think I will want to switch schools or levels, to get a more well-rounded experience. I will stay where I am now for 3 years, but could have some options open to me after that that would be fun to think about. I also hope to take a Spanish class this summer through CCPS or JTCC. That would be a fun AND useful class, especially since I work with many Spanish-speaking students. It would just make our lines of communication easier and would make me more marketable. It will also satisfy my need for being in school without actually being a full-time student. If it goes well, I hope to continue learning Spanish as I find courses available.

As for now, at least I get to vicariously live through my student’s in their classes (I even have them show me what they are doing sometimes to see what I remember and still can do). And when they get F’s, I freak out- how can you get an F in school??!!!
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