Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

I really love Christmas because of the traditions and family. This year both my brothers and sister-in-law came to Richmond and we spent four days together drinking, eating, playing cards (I lost), and traveling to my brother's vineyard in Loudoun, Va. We do not all see each other but about once or twice a year as my oldest brother lives in Texas. This time all of us had not been together since July when we all went to Italy. So it was a good time. I always find it hard to get back to normal after the excitement and build-up of the holidays, but at the same time I am always anxious to get back to normal as well. I have had such a nice time this year because of my loooonnnngggg winter break. With school being closed the Thursday and Friday before my two weeks off, I have had a long break from work. It has been wonderful. I always worry that I won't have enough to do, but somehow I always find something and love the relaxation and break from work:).

The best part of my Christmas (besides spending time with family, of course) was adopting and taking care of two 3-month old kittens for my brother for a week. I have fallen in love and will miss them greatly. Meet Lloyd (black/white cat) and Linda (white tabby). Look how cute they are!

We brought them up to my brothers house in Purcellville, Va (Loudoun County aka Northern Va) on Monday and they will have such a fun life in the vineyard!!! But I will miss them!

 Texas Hold 'Em ("pass")

Our tree Christmas morning!

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