Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Happy New Years (Eve)!

I hope you all have a wonderful new years celebration tonight and an even better 2011. It is always nice to start fresh! In case you are interested, my new years resolution is to use facebook less. I am limiting myself to once a day for 30 minutes. As I have stated in previous posts, I find that facebook does not make my life any better and often makes me feel angry or sad. So, I am going to use my time interacting with more people face to face and less on the computer. That is my goal for 2011- I do not want social media to really make me (and us all) less social.

And for a quick car update- I got my car all fixed yesterday (tire rotation, transmission service) and I got my ignition switch replaced because that seems to be the culprit for my car not starting (it has happened twice in 1 week). It all cost $346, so not too bad, but the ignition switch and inspection service cost me an extra $160 (at least I saved $100 on changing my own filters). I slid into a ditch on Monday because of ice and tore off half my hubcap, but I decided against getting a new one because they were charging too much, so I will fix that on my own (it also gives my car a little flavor). I don't mind paying all that as long as it is FIXED. So here is hoping that my car will not randomly not start in the cold and that I won't have to pay even more money to figure out what is really wrong. That would make this a long winter. So I hope 2011 also brings me good car juju:). And that my Lasik goes well (more on that coming up). And that I don't lose my job or get a huge pay cut from budget cuts... basically I just want a good year!
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