Sunday, December 19, 2010

High School Revisited

The one thing about living in the same city where you (mostly) grew up is that at any moment you have to be prepared to run into people you haven't seen in years. Since I was gone at college for four years, there are many people that I haven't seen in a loooonnnggg time. And this does not only apply to people your age, but it can also mean teachers and parents. I have run into many former teachers and friend's parents of mine since moving back home, especially since I have started working for the same school district I attended. Some remember you, some don't, but it's usually always a pleasant conversation and fun to catch up.

Last night was prime example of how easy it is to run into people from your past. Many friends and I went out in the fan (for those of you not from Richmond, the fan is an urban/hip part of the city with row homes and between the museums and VCU- it's where I hope to live at some point) to a couple of different bars that are all in walking distance of one another. At the final bar it was like a high school reunion. I ran into people I hadn't seen since we graduated in 2004. The funny thing was, though, that a few of them could not believe I drank because I never drank in high school. That is true, I never really drank. I never went out to parties with drinking in high school because it just always seemed stupid and not fun to me and none of my close friends drank. That is not to say that I never drank, but I did not showcase it and I hung with a different crowd. But this guy could not get over it! The whole night he would just comment on how he couldn't BELIEVE I was drinking. Finally I told him to get over it because high school was almost 7 years ago and people change and I have been to college and turned 21 since then. So it's ok.

But the whole experience got me thinking. When most people think of high school, do you think of people the way they were or do you think of them how they would be now? I remember how most people were, but I don't assume that they are the exact same way now. I do believe that people essentially stay the same their whole life, but their experiences and issues change and evolve. I still at heart am the same person I always have been, but that does not mean I have not grown up. Yes, I drank in college, unlike in high school, but I still never was wild and crazy. I never loved to do it all the time, and I still don't, but I had (and have) a lot of fun letting loose and being social that way. Accordingly, I am an adult now, so I drink and do "adult" things because of my age and life choices, but I think my heart and soul are still stuck at fifteen. So I hope that when people think of me, they don't just think of the things I did or didn't do (even though I am proud that I wasn't peer pressured and stood my ground). I hope they think instead of how I treated them and my attitude (which hopefully was nice)! I would hate for someone to think their whole life that I am a certain way because of how I was in high school. Let's face it, high school is not the best four years for many people, so the way they were is not how they actually are. Sometimes I think it would be fun to do it over, but then I work in a high school and am reminded why I am glad I am through that part of my life:).

Where am I going with all this? I have no idea. It was just an interesting and eye-opening experience, because I have no grudges with anyone I went to high school with. I assume we have all grown up now, so whatever you did or didn't do- I don't care. I think it is fun to run into people and catch up. Sometimes we block out the negative parts of our lives and only remember the good, so chances are when I run into someone, I am always excited, whether I should be or not.

And now a walk down memory lane...

 My 15th surprise birthday party.
 My 10th grade Algebra 2 class on the last day
 Junior Year prom
Some best friends going out to dinner

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