Tuesday, December 14, 2010

T.S. Squared

^1. Taylor Swift. So this year I joined the ranks of the prominent few who are able to participate in Christmas CD exchanges. Thanks to my bro, I was able to make a CD of my favorite/least favorite/themed/interesting/sad/happy/random songs and send an email with three of my most influential albums of the past 10 years. I felt pretty cool, because musical inclusiveness is the ultimate sign of being “in.”I took my CD song selections very seriously (even if anonymous, I still wanna have the ‘good’ album of the group). It was joked that even Taylor Swift could be included in our CDs or as our most influential singer in the past 10 years. I laughed. Hah! Taylor Swift, my butt! Then I thought about it…I actually really like Taylor Swift. I find myself replaying her songs over and over again because I identify with them so much. I feel bad, though, because she is 4 years younger than me. What does she know about life?! Apparently more than I do. Seriously, “Dear John,” Back to December,” “Innocent,” “Fearless,” and “Fifteen” are top notch. She may not be the best singer, but damn that girl can write a good song and make me like country music.

Curse you Taylor Swift for getting into my head and stealing my thoughts! 

But (in case you are worried), I did NOT include her in my top 3 most influential albums of the past 10 years. If you wanna know what I DID include, ask in comments (muahaha my tricky way to get you people to comment on my posts)!!!

^2. Tacky Sweaters. I love me some tacky sweaters. My favorite college date function was a tacky sweater party. The holidays are a great way to bust these out and curse the 80’s and 90’s for making such horrid sweaters (and the people that wear them and think they’re acceptable). My principal recently joked to a fellow co-worker about tacky sweaters and basically dared her to wear one to work. She did and got a couple of us involved in the tackiness. The only awkward thing about it, though, is that some faculty members actually wear these sweaters in their daily holiday gear. So it’s a bit awkward to walk around in them, because people don’t know whether or not to take us seriously. Some people immediately get it- others do not. Our administrators and department got a kick out of it (watch out- it may be a themed day next year), but walking in the halls, I am not so sure everyone got the joke. At least we’re young, so they do look pretty ridiculous on us. And we jazzed our ensembles up with  ridiculous necklaces and earrings.

Ohhhh, joy. Tacky Sweater AXO Holiday Date Function December 2007. Great stories from this night.

Tacky Sweater Day at work 2010. Holler.

T.S.^2. Who got all my references?

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