Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's the official countdown for Lasik! My surgery is on the morning of Monday, January 17th. I am officially out of contacts forever. I started wearing my glasses this past Monday (the 27th), so I will have to wear them for 3 weeks before my surgery. Usually you only have to be out of your contacts for 2 weeks before your surgery for the eyes to go to their normal shape, but since I had to have my initial consultation in November so I could set aside the money in my flex spending account, I have to be examined again a week before my surgery and my eyes have to be the shape they're going to be on surgery day. Hence the 3 weeks instead of 2.

I don't hate wearing my glasses- they're a pretty hip style and my friends all like them on me. I may even keep them and replace the lenses with fake ones for whenever I need a little style change. My students all tell me I look smarter and sophisticated with them (I guess they give me the "teacher" look). I don't like having to wear them working out though, because when I run outside I wear sunglasses instead of glasses so I can't see when I run (I don't like people seeing my eyes when I run- I fear I look like I'm in pain), and when I'm at the gym they get sweaty and gross but I have to wear them to read my magazine or see the TV. But it does save me a lot of time and irritation not having to put my contacts in in the morning and have them irritate my eyes all day. All I have to do to prep now is put eyedrops in my eyes all the time to make sure they're moist for the surgery.

Anways, t-15 days! I will post more as the time nears and let you know if it's worth the money to get it done! I have heard it does, so I am very excited to have awesome eye site all in the manner of one day of rest! That's right- I will at work the day after surgery.

Rockin' the glasses on New Years!
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