Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lasik's Almost Here!

Well the time has come for my Lasik dream to become a reality. I go into surgery at 10 am Monday and am told I will be on my way home by 11:30 (and that most of the time will be pre-surgery prep as the procedure only takes 10 minutes). I will then be doped up on Valium and sleeping meds, so I can go home and pass out for 4-6 hours. Apparently this will prevent me from experiencing the after surgery eye pain. I think I can handle it.

I am not really nervous, but I imagine that will change Monday morning. I am more excited than anything else- not having to wear contacts for the first time in 12 years will be pretty spectacular. No more irritated eyes because of my lenses, waking up to blurriness before I can find my glasses, having to take out my contacts at night because my eyes are dry, spending money on solution and contacts and having to wear my glasses for weeks at a time to just get the procedure. It will be pretty amazing. I hope it all goes according to plan (I have faith in my doctor as I was referred to him) and that I do get 20/20 vision without too much pain or difficulty. I have a pretty routine prescription and "thick Corneas," which all bodes well for me (I should advertise that fact when I go on dates). It's a good investment for my future. And even if I need a "touch up" in another decade or so, it is all covered in what I am paying now!

I will be out of work Monday (it's a holiday) and am taking off Tuesday. I should be up and running by Wednesday! Once I can see again I will chronicle my journey for all 10 of you lovely blog followers:)!

Bye- bye glasses (until I am 45 and need reading ones, at least)!
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