Sunday, January 2, 2011

T9 Word and Other Cell Necessities

When it comes to cell phones, I am not the most up to date. Yet, I don't care. I was the last of my friends to actually get a cell phone, a Nokia circa 2002 (remember? blue, thick phone, like 1 of 10 that actually existed), and could only use it because I was driving in case of emergencies. I didn't use it much and never brought it into school, but no one did back then.

I got a new phone for college because that was when we didn't use dorm phones and cell phones were the main thing. It was the same type of Nokia, just silver and a little bigger. I still didn't have texting though. I got my first flip phone my 2nd year of college- a red LG- and I loved it! My best friend Sarah had to introduce me to texting and how to do it (I thought it was stupid- why don't you just call someone?) and then months later the ease of T9 word (why is it called T9 word?). That revolutionized my world. Texting became not only easy and fun but the only way to comunicate.

I updated my red flip phone with a Motorola KRZR in the spring of 2008. I didn't love it and missed my red phone, but I eventually got used to it. That was when everyone was getting keyboards and blackberries. I still was only on my 2nd flip phone, so I wasn't ready to upgrade that much.

Finally after almost three years of using this phone and people laughing when I whipped it out to text (how can you not have a keyboard? no internet? you don't know what you're missing!), I decided to upgrade again. I still refuse to get internet on my phone- I have a GPS so I don't need it for directions and I am on the internet enough- if something is really important chances are someone can look it up with their phone or, god forbid, we can wait til we get home to look it up. I think internet is slowly taking over peoples' lives, so I don't need to carry it with my everywhere. And I refuse to be forced to pay $10 a month extra for a feature I don't need. But since I do love to text, I decided to get a phone with a keyboard.

I love it!! I feel a little more high tech (though it's no driod or iphone), but I got it for $2 after a rebate and I have a keyboard for easy texting. I am sad to be done with flip phones after only two, but that is what I get for being behind the cell phone times. So now I am only two years behind cell phone technology instead of four. We'll see how long I can hold off on no internet! I will be pissed when it's a necessity in every phone.
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