Thursday, February 24, 2011


Happy Rainy Thursday for those of you on the east coast! It actually fits my mood perfectly- I left work, worked out, showered and was in my pj's by 5:00 doing laundry and watching TV. Sounds like a good evening to me! A nice way to end a short week.

A couple of updates on my front...first off, I had my one month lasik follow-up appointment on Tuesday and the results were good! I still see 20/15 and everything is healing nicely. I still am required to use re-wetting drops throughout the day, but the dryness is getting MUCH better. The first week after surgery I was basically putting in my prescription eye drops or re-wetting drops every 30 minutes because my eyes were so dry. I also had to use preservative free eye drops for the first week because they are safer on eyes that are healing, but I kept using them for one more week. They are EXPENSIVE. I took a lot from the eye doctor but was using them so much I went through them very fast. It was nice once I went into week three and switched over to traditional dry eye tears. Eye drops are still expensive but preservative ones are much less so,  and I can use them in a bottle rather than individual vials (which are hard to carry). Anyways, as each week passes I use significantly less eye drops (I am now on week 5 post-op). It also depends on the weather and day though- when it's dry my eyes are dryer and I am now very sensitive to smokey environments. BUT other than using eye drops 5-6 times a day, my eyes feel great. I see great and the halos and glare around lights that people mostly complain about have all but gone away. I am basically in the clear for good now. I definitely recommend the procedure for anyone thinking about it. I save so much time and irritation during the day, not to mention money. But don't expect your eyes to feel fabulous overnight- the whole process takes longer than people assume. A little irritation and wet eyes for a month was no big deal for me, though, especially in the winter when your not outside as much. I can't wait for the summer and the pool and beach and not having to worry about my contacts getting irritated or falling out.

Secondly, this week was the first week of Meadowbrook High School's girl soccer season! I am an assistant varsity girls coach- we don't have a JV team. I am doing it on a volunteer basis so that I can make my schedule (being a counselor I have a lot of after school meetings and conferences so getting to practice right away is hard) and see if I like it since I have never coached. So far, so good! The girls are very fun and it's nice to play the sport again- I easily remember why I like it so much and my "moves" are coming back quickly (I can still pass and shoot!). We practice from 2:30-4:30 so it's a little long but goes by fast. I think the girls enjoy having a younger girl coach because the head coach is an older middle-aged man that can't play due to injuries. They have already started visiting me in my office during the day.  I think it will be a lot of fun and I will probably end up doing more than I plan...but I won't mind as long as I am having fun. the games start in late March and will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00. I will probably end up going to most of them. It brings back a lot of my Monacan HS and rec soccer memories! I should find some pictures...

On a totally unrelated note, Planned Parenthood is potentially having funding pulled at the national level due to the undercover blow up that happened a few weeks ago. I don't know the details, but I hope you all make your opinions heard about the process. Planned Parenthood's existence is misunderstood- it is a place where women can get information, medical treatment, prevention services, testing, and even counseling about pregnancy or sex (I went there to get the 2nd round of the HPV vaccination when my doctor didn't provide it). It keeps many women safe and healthy during times when they have no where to go or don't know what to do. It is NOT "pro-abortion."- it is pro-information and pro-choice meaning women are given options but are never forced to do any single one. The existence of Planned Parenthood since the early 1900's has been integral in womens rights and health care. Your political views shouldn't matter- planned parenthood is an important national organization for the safety of women- young and old. Without it women will go untreated, uneducated and unhealthy. Give it your support and make your voice heard.
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