Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Four!

When I wrote my post about "Richmond Representin'" last week I had no IDEA what that truly meant. To have VCU get into the Elite Eight and then win today against a number ONE seeded team to get into the Final Four, is truly amazing. This is why the NCAA basketball championship is so popular- ANYONE can win. It's something I wish they would do with football.

This tournament has given Richmond something to truly unite the whole city. Normally, we are pretty divided amongst UVA and Virginia Tech allegiance...rarely is there much mention to VCU or the U of R. But this tournament has truly changed all that. EVERYONE is rooting for VCU. The streets of Downtown Richmond have been going crazy since the win this afternoon. People are cheering, roaming in the streets and going bonkers. I went to the gym right after the game today in my VCU gear and people started cheering and clapping. It is such a great Cinderella story of a team that no one thought would get in to a team finishing out the last number one seed. My brother and sister-in-law saw both the games this weekend in San Antonio and they had a blast. Now I have to get ticket deals for them for the game next weekend. It has been such a fun few weeks. I know it could end at any time so I am really enjoying the great spirit that is filling the streets of Richmond. I am even wearing my VCU gear to work tomorrow (even though I might get yelled at...).

So if you read this, cheer for the VCU Rams next weekend against Butler. They have shown that anyone can win this tournament!

Me and my gear before the game today (I don't know why my left eye is squinty?)
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