Friday, March 18, 2011

What Animal Are You?

It has been a running joke amongst my department and soccer team this week about what animals people look like.
I know, we’re weird.
It all started at a department lunch last week when one of my coworkers starting going across the table and telling us what animal we looked like. It, needless to say, got silly very quickly. (In case you’re wondering, counselors in my department look like peacocks, koala bears, tropical fish/birds, and pandas).
I always thought I looked like a turtle because it was a nickname my brother’s friends gave me in middle school (originally it was “Koopa” after the character on MarioKart, then it morphed into turtle). However, I was informed last week that I am a pony because of my long, thick hair (I was wearing my hair up a lot last week due to lots of soccer and laziness on my part).
Then, ironically, this week at soccer practice one of my senior girls asked me, “Ms. Walsh, (blank) keeps telling me I look like a chipmunk. Do you think I do?” I busted out laughing, one, because if she was an animal I think a chipmunk is a good description and two, because apparently everyone is about finding their animal look-a-likes this week. I explained to her that we were just having the same conversation and that I am a pony, and she got a kick out of it. So now everyone on my team mentions that I look like a pony with my hair up. They also enjoy playing with my hair, but that’s another story.
And the madness just continued today. Students keep bringing it up! We decided the testing coordinator looks like a cat (she has cat tendencies- napping and laying in the sun), and one of my students look like a cute Surikat. It seems the word is spreading and everyone wants to know what they look like. We teach and discuss such important things in school.
See, things get a little crazy during March in schools with no breaks and 5 looong weeks. We gotta make it fun!
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