Saturday, April 23, 2011


I freakin' love New York City.

This was my 5th trip to the Big Apple and I swear I cannot get enough. The energy, the sites, the sounds, the ability to NOT have to get into a car to go everywhere (that's a big plus), the parks, the diversity, the people and of course the celebs. I love it all.

This trip was the 4th time I have gone up there with my mom and we always have a good time because we just like to experience everything. This time we did some new things and revisited some of our favorite places. Here is our trip in a nutshell:

- We left Richmond on the train at 8 am and got into Penn Station at 2:20
- Walked to our hotel off of Times Square and walked around
- Dinner at Roxy Deli (it's tradition- Matzo Ball soup!!!)
- Saw Daniel Radcliffe in "How to Succeed in Business"
- Stage door for some autographs (the body guards/police were mean so we didn't get to see him are two funny videos showing our dismay at the lameness of them)

- The Today Show! We got on screen during the 8:30 segment and are in the background of the hour with Hoda and Kathie Lee (links are on my facebook page). Here's a video to show how close we were to them during the 8:30 segment:

- Walked from Rockefeller Plaza to the Natural History Museum. Lots of children and a wait but very cool museum.
- Walked back through Central Park and saw the movie set of "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
- Took the 'Sex and the City' 3 1/2 hour tour. AH-MAZZ-ING
-  Got half price tickets to "That Championship Season"
- Saw "That Championship Season" and got autographs from Chris Noth and Kiefer Sutherland (and even talked with them- they were awesome)!!!

- Up early and to the Empire State building. Very cool. We only had to wait and hour (later in the day the line was 4 hours).
- Walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Soho, Tribeca, West Villiage and did a lot of shoppping:). We literally walked 10 miles through the whole day.
- Got standing room only tickets to "Memphis"...bad idea after all the walking but very cheap!
- Saw "Memphis" 

We left Friday morning at 10:30 and got in on time to Richmond at 4:40.

*This was my first out of town trip since my Lasik, and I must say, it was amazing not having to worry about my glasses or contacts with the long days and windy conditions outside. Definitely worth it to do it.

** All the pictures from my trip are on facebook- there are too many to upload here!

** WHYYYY is spring break almost over?!?! Ugh.
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