Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robyn the Runner, Part 2

Training for the Monument Avenue 10k got me further “into” my running. If you had told me just 3 years ago I would turn into a runner, I would have laughed at you. Especially since my dad ran all through my growing up and I thought he was nuts. I remember in high school conditioning for soccer in the springs and dying running a mile. I always had the philosophy of “I need to be running for something…like the soccer ball… or from a robber.” Now I make my soccer team run because I like to (I’m so evil).

Anyways, in training for the 10k, I began doing long runs every weekend (after the 8k that ran through my neighborhood in February, I found a good route for long runs). Usually on Saturdays I started out run/walking 4.5 miles but found after only 2 times, I could run the whole way. Then each week I tacked on a half mile until I got to 6.2 miles and then I worked on my speed. I found out quickly that speed came naturally once my muscles could handle the distance (however, the amount you work doesn’t change- it’s just the same amount of work now makes you run faster). And after mile 2, I can basically just keep going. I now am on the mindset that the first 2 miles stink the worst, so I might as well run less days a week but longer since once I’m warmed up I can just keep going.  Even this past weekend, I ran for an hour just because I could. Yup 6.5 miles just for the heck of it, and afterward I wasn’t even that tired. It’s amazing and addicting. So much so that Sunday, instead of doing an easy short run, I still did a 4.2 mile run, and I was not sore at all.

Now, I still wouldn’t call running fun. Yes, I do it, but I’m not excited before I go out and it's hard. It is a constant mind game in getting myself going and staying going. But with endurance also comes the mindset that stopping would be pointless since I wouldn’t need much recovery time anyways. I still have to get through aches and pains while running, but they’re easier to ignore and push through now than they used to be (it also helps knowing that I can do it and have done it before). BUT once the weather really heats up, I will be running much less because I hate running in the heat.

I have noticed changes in my body from running more, too. It isn’t necessarily in the form of weight loss (though a slight one has occurred, but keep in mind I always worked out before I got into running), but an overall toning and muscle definition has occurred. I find that my abs/stomach are firmer and my legs have more definition.  I am ready for bikini season!

Now people are asking me- when are going to run a half marathon? NEVER! I still have no desire to train for a half marathon because after an hour, running gets boring. Also, I run for fitness and I don’t need to run 13.1 miles to be fit, thank you very much. Those that want to train and do it- great- but at this point in my life, I do enough.

*Random fact: I don’t sweat. Seriously- it’s always funny with my roommates, because I will come in from a 5 mile run just damp and my face its normal color. Normal people come in drenched and bright read. I think something is wrong with me. I should be studied.
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