Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unwelcomed Comments

It seems to me that everyone has an opinion these days. And those opinions aren’t necessarily friendly.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy reading blogs and following news on the internet- whether it’s for serious awareness or just for fun (hey, gotta get in my celebrity gossip). BUT I find that many websites now allow “commenting” where you can post your opinion about the article you just read. And oftentimes, these comments are nasty!

It says something about the state of our society when people always bring down people through anonymity. Since they can’t be seen or tracked, they often say whatever they want knowing they can’t get in trouble or have anything bad come of it. To me, these comments show more than just poor grammar and spelling (and sometimes intelligence); they show the unfortunate state of our society and the people in it. It’s gotten to the point where if I hear of something happening in the media, I know what nasty comments people will say. For instance, this week on Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley’s partner fell during the performance. I knew immediately that the internet would be blowing up about how it’s because she is “too fat” and that he “can’t support her.” I was right- except the comments were much worse, calling her a “fat cow” and making comments about weight requirements for those “poor dancers that just can’t support all the heifers!” And even today as Tina Fey announced her pregnancy, one commenter stated, “Great, another reason for her to get uglier.” Same type of response when Tori Spelling commented in an article about wanting more kids…”breeders make me sick.” We are so nice. Even on CNN- articles are mocked for the way they are written, writers are called stupid and the people/topics they’re about are mocked and dismissed- even sudden deaths of innocent people (“how can you say she died trying to save others or making a difference? Sounds to me like she had done her job and was going home.”)

Sure, maybe what people say anonymous on a website aren’t their true feelings and don’t reflect how they would act/say on a normal basis. That can be true with all social media- facebook, websites and even blogs. What is online doesn’t show who people truly are- it is part of a persona they want to express in a safe way. Still the fact that social media makes it ok for people to get into fights online or to broadcast their discriminatory comments and negative nature is just silly and stupid. Maybe that says more about our society than what people actually say on those boards.

Or maybe it is also my fault that I actually pay attention to these things and get angered by them, but with the prominent influence of social media and the news media online, it is hard not to. And that’s what is probably the saddest part of it all.
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