Saturday, June 4, 2011


It's the time of year when everything is winding down. Soccer has ended, colleges are out, races are on hiatus for the summer, graduations are upon us, moves are coming, milestone birthdays, and my year at work is almost up. It is all very exciting, but also very bittersweet. I am excited to be done with my first year as a counselor (t-minus 3 weeks...June 23rd is my last day!), but I am also sad. I am going to miss the wonderful seniors that I have gotten to know, the faculty members leaving for other schools, and my closer coworkers who will be moving on. Unfortunately, I work at a high school with high bit of turnover that I know I will get used to, but as this is my first time experiencing it, it is sad. I also have met some great seniors that I am so excited to see move on and be successful, but who have made my first year great, so I will miss their spirit and energy around the school.

I also am moving out of my current townhouse next Saturday. I love my roommates and my current house, but I have felt off all year - like I am missing something. So I decided to make a big change and move to the fan in Richmond where there are more people my age, more things to do in walking distance and more culture than where I currently live. My view is that I am young and shouldn't be living in the suburbs, so I am going to try out city living. It will be like a little college throwback, but the apartment is super cute and I am excited for a change. I am eager for the spontaneity it will bring.

A part of all this excitement was prom last weekend and another engagement party for my friend Sarah. For prom my whole department went and we went out afterwards. It was nice to be out with everyone, but also to see the students dressed up and having fun at prom. Sometimes, though, I feel like I will never leave high school! I guess that is what I get for my profession...(I will try to come back and post a prom picture once I have a better internet connection). And as usual, the engagement party was also a lot of fun- it even led to a girls only sleep over. How I have missed those:)! Makes me pumped for all the bachelorette parties coming up (I am in her wedding)!

I find that every year I am amazed at the bittersweet feel of time. You always want to speed life up to get to the next thing, but then it all goes by so fast. It's true that the only constant in life is change and time is responsible for that. I am grateful to live in an age where life can be documented so well that I can relive all these specific moments. I will never have my first year at work again or my 24th year of life or the year that I lived at 13460 Ridgemoor Lane.  But I hope I take everything I have learned and the people I have met to make my life more fulfilled. Who knows if this is the best it will ever be (which I hope isn't the case- I always hope for better)!
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