Monday, June 6, 2011


I debate within myself frequently on how personal to make this blog. I think of it as a diary of my life (which while watching “Season 25: Behind the Scenes of Oprah,” Oprah even admits to having a diary her whole life and how it is one of her greatest treasures). I think it pretty accurately shows my ups and downs, which I am not afraid to portray- so often people don’t really know what goes on inside another person, so I find it healthy and refreshing to showcase my thoughts- but it also still gives a skewed version of myself. If you see me on a regular basis, I am generally stable- I am almost always perky,  eager to chat with people, random in my conversations, organized and efficient in work and life, and trying to have fun. This blog, however, shows a side of myself that not many people generally get to see (besides close family and friends), which is nerve-racking and liberating all at the same time. Just because I post something serious or about a certain topic doesn’t mean I feel that way or am obsessing about that topic all day. It is mostly just something I thought of and wanted to write about. So in that sense my blog is not an accurate portrayal of my constant moods or states or thoughts, but just a documentation of a certain thought or feeling or idea or activity that I had on a certain time on a certain day. And I filter what I post to make it all somewhat interesting. I know ya’ll don’t want to hear about my every waking activity or thought. And if you do, that’s creepy.
So while this blog is personal, it is not who I am or all that I am all the time. There are still many things you don’t know about me. I am sure some of these things even certain close friends/family don’t know. Maybe I will divulge more into those topics someday, but for now take what you read and the picture you have of who I am from this blog with a grain of salt- there is more to me than just pen to paper, which can be exciting or scary….
And because I love pictures, here are some promised photos of recent events…
Meadowbrook High School counseling team (minus one) after prom!

Some gorgeous friends at an engagement party

Romo is so cute:)
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