Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Break!

Summer is upon us. I have been lucky enough to have a summer “break” every year of my life. Luckily, with my profession this will continue until I switch jobs. But this year is different. It is the first year that I will not work at all- no classes, no waiting tables, no internship- just me and time. This will be interesting as I sometimes do not do well with too much free time on my hands, but I am doing my best to enjoy it and take advantage of all the time. I will be traveling quite a bit- Dewey Beach in Delaware next week with friends, Virginia Beach for July 4th weekend with friends, the Outer Banks for a week in July with my family, Nashville for a work conference mid-July and a trip to St. Augustine, Florida in August to see some college friends. I also just moved into a new apartment in the fan of Richmond (pictures below), so I will be exploring my new area (restaurants, museums, parks, ect), going to the pool, reading, running, going to the movies and tackling my summer TV project (Castle and Fringe on huluPLus). Today was my day of work (counselors work one extra week after school lets out and one extra week before teachers come back) and I am excited to get started on my summer!

I also wanted to include some pictures of my new apartment that I moved into June 11th. It is so cute and everyone that sees it LOVES it. It is the top right corner apartment of our building, so it is pretty quiet for the city and I feel very safe in it. I am loving the location and being around so many young people- just about a week and a half in and I have met many new people!



Kitchen table

Study into TV room

Entrance to my room - my dresser is a perfect fit- closet to the right.

Opposite wall of my room- such a beautiful view of a brick wall!

Bed wall (my bed is around the corner from the door so I don't get much noise/light from inside)

TV room- Kardashians are on!

TV room where you can see the front door (to the left) and our mud room!

And some birthday pics….(my 25th birthday was spent going to MBK’s graduation and watching my first set of seniors graduate, moving and going out to eat with friends- it was a nice, but tiring, day!)

Old roomies outside of Cheesecake Factory!

The Birthday Dinner crew....25 (ahhh)!
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