Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be Still

There is something to be said about being still. Just listening, observing, appreciating, living, breathing, and not thinking about it all. Just existing. Being content. Not wishing or worrying or planning or dreaming. Just being.

It is a trait I think many people have lost. Just think if you didn't have this computer or this connection to the world through the internet, how much easier it would be to just be. I find my mind is always racing and is hard to shut off. I blame the internet, phones, televisions, the instant ability to be connected to anyone or anything. We have lost some part of life in this world of instant gratification. It makes being still a form of anxiety. When the moments we aren't connected through technology are the ones we are truly living. My memories are not those of being online, or watching TV or texting a friend, they are the moments of living and enjoying the moment.

So I think it is good to turn off everything once a day. Just look out your window and take it all in. Go for a walk. Enjoy nature.

Just be still. It's becoming rare. But it's who we are and have been since we began.
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