Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Matters

I think it's easy to forget your roots sometimes as you go through life. I had a great weekend reconnecting with family in Ohio. My mom and I visited my Grandmother in Springfield (my uncle and cousin were also there- she is 91 and still living on her own) and then went to Worthington, where I used to live, to tour OSU, walk around our old stomping grounds, and visit more family.

I always enjoy learning about my grandparents lives and what it was like living through the Depression, World War 2, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Vietnam and everything in between. What an exciting century to live in. They became flexible people who embraced change while never losing site of who they were. I admire my grandparents for all that they experienced. I am lucky to have 2 grandmothers still living, and I really cherish the times I get to see them because I know it won't last forever. And when they go I know it will be even less frequent that I see my aunts, uncles and cousins, since we live all over the country and many of them are already married, so there aren't many weddings left. I have pledge to myself to be a good communicator by sending cards and keeping up with what is going on in heir lives. It will be hard, but I hope I can do it. Luckily, facebook does make keeping in touch easier...(facebook sure has changed from when I joined it in 2004!)

Trips like this help keep life in perspective and are a good reminder of the importance of family, even if distance separates your frequent visits.
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