Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I survived the QUAKE of 2011

It was a crazy day, but I live 30 miles from the epicenter of the 5.9 quake and found the amount of coverage pretty ridiculous. This facebook post and following comments pretty much explain it all. (Thanks, Elyse)!

 Earthquake devastation.
[They were in a neat pile prior to the quake]

Your prayers and continued support are appreciated as I work through this disaster.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. 
  • Thanks everyone. I'm just trying to put the pieces back together... 
  • Elyse, if you need anything at all just give me a call. You'll get through this 
  •  FEMA announced they are on the way... I just hope you have the will power to make it another 3-6 weeks until they arrive. :-)
  • I am laughing out loud. At work. Embarassing. But, my paperclips and such are in a drawer so my desk is neat. 
  • You must rebuild. 
  • fill out your aid papers 
  • lol ;)
  • watch for LOOTERS! 
  • arm yourself elyse 
  • Did one of those paperclips hit you? Let me know if you need help with the workmans comp claim. :) 
  • Guys, I have an update... we will be holding a benefit concert for the displaced paper clips featuring U2, Ke$ha, and REO Speedwagon. Please send your donations to the "Hope4DeskDi$a$ter" fund. No amount is too small, guys. A mere $2.75 will purchase a NEW box of clips. - Thank You 
  • Everything happens for a reason Elyse - Jesus will get you through. 
  • will a memorial be erected? 
  • i hope that's not confidential client information on your computer screen. 
  • I was thinking about you and Matthew I hope you guys are ok!! 
  • LOL!!!! 
  • Lol. Clearly we are not fine... LOOK AT THIS DESTRUCTION!!!! 
  • bahahahahahahahah love it
  •  LMAO 

I thought all that was hysterical. It's not like the news OVERREACTS or anything!

      In all fairness, it was a very weird feeling and very odd for Virginia. But everything is fine. The only destruction to my house was a wall picture was slanted and one of my roomies pictures fell off the wall. But I did learn how to react in a quake (hey, knowledge is power)! *hint: it is NOT best to run into a hallway and duck. Use the doorways*. Important information for us uninformed Virginians!

      Now the west coasters can take back their earthquakes...we'll just stick to hurricanes.
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