Monday, August 15, 2011

Still Vegan?

It's been a while since I posted about my vegan eating goals. Well, it's been difficult traveling eating vegan all the time, but I have had no problems eating vegetarian. It's been 6 weeks since I became an official vegetarian and it's been pretty easy. I would say that I eat vegan 50-75% of the time, and most of the time (90%) when I can control it, but vegetarian 100% of the time. The problem is eating out or eating with other people. Then it becomes difficult to be vegan, and I do not want to inconvenience anyone. But I have been feeling good, no lack of energy or anything like that, and I find that I can eat more because I am eating healthier. I have actually lost a few pounds even though I have been on many vacations and haven't limited the amount of what I eat. However, I watch how much crap is in what I eat, so I try to stick with foods with fewer ingredients and ingredients that are more natural or are things I have heard of. It isn't hard- simply a matter of reading labels and being conscious about it all. I also have started shopping at Trader Joe's, where food is pretty cheap and more natural, so I haven't been spending more on food than before. I actually have probably started spending less (I have also started using the online budget tool- go check it out. Seriously. You will be amazed).

This whole experience is making me believe that it is more about what you eat, rather than how much you eat. I find that fact very freeing and it allows me to eat much healthier than before. And I am becoming semi-obsessed with cooking, which you would have never heard from me 1 year ago. I actually like it now and making up new recipes :). My favorite: veggie pizza with NO cheese!
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