Monday, September 26, 2011

Food Bloggin'

Sometimes I pretend that I would be an awesome food blogger.

Then I make an amazing dinner and eat it and wanna talk about it but realize I didn't take a picture of it. Probably not the best way to amp up my food blogging reputation.

However, I do need to talk about one of my favorite vegan dinners that I actually created (!). True, there is no picture, but it is so easy to make this delicious, healthy meal!

All you need is Trader Joe's Veggie Fried Rice (or any brand of fried rice with no egg), Temphe chopped up (an Indonesian all-natural soybean product), and diced mushrooms, onions and red and green peppers. Cook the rice separately, and saute the temphe and veggies in balsamic vinegar. Mix everything together and you're set! I came across this recipe because I was eating all the fried rice in one sitting and wanted to add something to it so I wouldn't eat it all at once. By putting all the veggies and temphe in the rice, it makes enough for 2 dinners and adds more flavor/nutrients. I also usually have a side spinach salad with strawberries and berry vinaigrette dressing. It is very healthy, all-natural, and vegan. I will try to remember to post pictures at some point.
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