Sunday, September 18, 2011

My New Claim to Fame

That's right, folks. I'm famous.

I am the doughnut eating champ from the MBK faculty tailgate. I ate 11 doughnuts (yup, try not to throw up thinking about it) in 3 minutes. An average of 3.7 doughnuts per minute. Yum.

I only competed against females, but the male champ ate 14 in 5 minutes, which was an average of only 2.8 doughnuts per minute.

So I even beat the dudes. It was not too awful, actually, and besides crashing about 4 hours later with an awful headache, I felt ok afterwards. I was even told I should drop my doughnut eating champ facts as a way to pick up guys. We'll see. That might be a 2nd date conversation.

If you want to see the guys and gals in action, check it out.
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