Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weathering Moods

As I get older, I am realizing how my mood greatly depends on the weather. I can be doing the same thing one day versus another, but my enjoyment of it and my mood will vary greatly depending on the weather. Whether it's too hot, too cold, or rainy, any of those extremes are not good for my soul!

For instance, today I went on my usual Saturday morning run, but it was actually pretty chilly (i.e. 55 degrees) instead of hot and humid like the end of September has been. It was just amazing. Then throughout my day I have been on a high from my awesome run and the fact that I can wear jeans, boots and a cute jacket. I love breaking out the fall clothes! The air conditioning is off, the windows are open, people are grilling so you can smell fire, leaves are beginning to change, I can curl up with a blanket on my couch watching football and the sun is (semi) out. If this doesn't equal happiness, I don't know what does.

I noticed this summer that I am not a huge fan of summer anymore. I love hot weather for a few weeks, but from June until the end of September Richmond is a scorchin' city. It gets to me when I can't go outside without sweating, when the air is on all the time and the humidity is rising. It's uncomfortable (unless you're at a beach, then I will take all that hotness with joy) and exhausting. While summer used to be my absolute favorite month, now I do not really enjoy it as much. Sure I love the pool and my summer dresses and not working (well, I actually would like to work- but that's another post), but I enjoy the Spring and Fall so much more. I am turning into my dad in that I just can't handle the long days of heat anymore!

I think seasons are the best part about living in Virginia. We get four distinct seasons and all have their different feel. We also do not usually get too much rain (though we have lately- hence part of the inspiration for this post) nor too much snow (I could use more snow, though). I love the feel and smells and memories that each season conjures. Sure, I do not love any extremes of temperature, but I do love the different things you can do with each season. I also, much unlike many other people, enjoy the days getting shorter. Granted, I do not like it when it gets dark at 5 pm, but I also do not like it in the summer when it's late until almost 9 pm. Early evening (4-7) is my least favorite time of day (I have read this is very common actually- seems to be when people feel loneliest), so I don't mind when it is shortened and night comes a little sooner. Though I do miss my evening walks when it gets dark earlier.

I do not have seasonal depression by any means, but as I get older I am recognizing that I do get in "funks" that often have a lot to do with the weather. It is so silly, but weather really does create history and not just from dramatic storms and disasters, but in how you live your day. From football to cookouts to pool parties to evening walks, the perfect temperature (or lack thereof) can make or break  an event.


So welcome October- my mood and spirit have fallen for you:)! Just don't rain too much.
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