Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am mostly thankful in life for the small things, like....

....waking up refreshed, a good run, a schedule, my TV shows, carpooling to work with my coworker/neighbor, my office, being able to save money, eating at new restaurants, seasons, good hair days, reading at Starbucks, when my kitties are playful, traveling, college football, clear skies, sunsets, the smell of fall or spring, a good laugh, a deep read, a motivational speaker, pandora playing the right song for my mood, old appliances that still work, dark chocolate at work, health (whatever that means) and love.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you give your thanks to all the small things that make up this big life.

And GO HOOS (beat the Hokies)!!!
Check out that awesome UVA turkey- smart kid:)
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