Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Spirit


As I get older, I simply love the holidays for all the events that go on throughout the season and not just the events of Christmas day (i.e. the presents, which were #1 when I was younger). The mood is cheerful, I get to spend time shopping (which I love), Starbucks has awesome drink specials, holiday music is playing every where (I love me some Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas"), parties are thrown each weekend by friends or family, and everyone seems more social. My work is even organizing a 'Tacky Sweater Day" amongst the younger teachers (I am a lead pioneer of this event as it is growing from three of us doing to last year to almost twenty this year), and we also have special faculty lunches and gift exchanges. Yesterday I had a work holiday party (picture above) and my parent's had their own party, this afternoon I went on a holiday house tour in the fan with my mom to see all the neat houses and their decorations, tomorrow night my roomies and I are having a holiday "roomie" dinner and this weekend I am officially on winter break (2 weeks off!) so my coworkers and I are celebrating Friday night. I even sent out my first year of Christmas cards, and I have loved the response I have gotten from friends who have received theirs (no picture this year, but next year I might make a newsletter or one with a photo. Though handwritten cards are less frequent and more appreciated I think). It is just a fun time of year with great friends, family and, of course, food! I think I appreciate it more each year as I get older and am able to partake in all the festivities and enjoy the aspect of giving, even more than receiving (well, almost as much)!
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