Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heel the Love

No one wants to admit this it, but watching an animal die (in TV or movies...and sometimes in real life) is TOTALLY sadder than a person dying. There I said it. I may be going to hell. I was flipping through channels yesterday and "Marley and Me" was on. And it was the very end. Let's just say that for 30 minutes I was balling uncontrollably. Luckily, no one was home so I did not have to hid my tears. I let it all out for that damn dog.

So what is it about animals? I always attributed it to them being so "innocent" and "not deserving" of death or bad treatment because they are such pure, good creatures! But who am I kidding? My childhood dog, Ginger, ran away and peed in the house all the time. She was a sweatheart, but she would go home with anyone. No loyalty at all. Yet all I could think of while watching the movie yesterday was our poor puppy Ginger and how perfect and loving she was; how she sang to "Jingle Bells," was a great napping buddy, how we had our secret "kissing spot" between her eyes and how she loved to be scratched on her tummy. I was blinded by love.

And then cats. My goodness- you love them up, feed them and treat them well, and then they scratch you, get attitudes, pee and poop in the house, throw-up hairballs, tear up toilet paper, drink out of the toilet and then get diseases that cost you more time and money (hello, diabetes!). Gosh, they're like kids! But yet, we love them and cherish them and never wish them any harm (well to be honest, when many of my kitties were kittens I wished them great harm when they clawed all over my legs and tore up the furniture).

But don't get me started on watching an animal die. It is worse than a person. I'm not saying it's right, but it is true. Furry and cuddliness win out.
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