Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I woke up with 20/450 vision (meaning I would run into things without glasses or contacts on) and went to bed on my way to 20/15.

Happy Anniversary, New Eyes!

It amazes me to think it has been a year. I vividly remember the annoyances of glasses and contacts, but my eye site is so good now that I don't even think about how FABULOUS it is that I don't need either anymore. It will pay off for me everyday for the rest of my life, even though the initial monetary payment is done. I know I may eventually need reading glasses, but I am covered for any other eye adjustments until I die. Woooo! So for those of you thinking about Lasik....DO IT!

Also, this anniversary got me to thinking about something that I do that not a lot of other people do. I have all of my daily planners with homework assignments and what I have done on afternoons, evenings and weekends since I was fourteen. So I am able, on any given day, to flip open my planners and know exactly what I did each day. I am glad I started this, because I think is it nice to go back and remember where I went, who I was with, if I worked or volunteered or what kind of test I had the next day in school. It's fun to occasionally take a trip down memory lane, and it is a very cool way to remember even the smallest things (because those are what make up the bulk of our lives) or how you were feeling (since events are tied to feelings). I've come far since fourteen... and even since last year, not just thanks to my new eyes, but for positive changes all around!
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