Monday, February 27, 2012

Is the work it worth it?

I am now in the best shape of my life. I could wake up tomorrow and run 10 miles if I wanted to (not that I want to...). My legs are toned, my abs look good and my weight (even though I don't weight myself but 4x a year- welcome to the amazing world of not owning a scale) is the lowest it has been since the beginning of college. My clothes are loser and my endurance is longer. I eat more food than I ever have (my hunger is pretty much out of control), but I eat healthier. No meat or soda, and mostly fruit, veggies and grains (with sugar mixed in:))!

But I have been thinking, is it worth is? Is being in REALLY good shape much better than being in good shape? Is the difference between running 6 miles or a marathon important? Is it more important to be generally healthy than SUPER healthy? In the long run of life, does it really matter?

Being in really good shape takes time, puts a toll on your body and is a form of dedication. I didn't go about my running with a goal to be in really good shape, I just wanted to start doing races. And as I have posted on this blog, my love of running has grown tremendously. Running changed my body completely. Maybe not to the naked eye, but I feel and look different. It's been great. And as time has gone on and I have gradually increased my distance and endurance, I have become in REALLY good shape. I can do more than I ever could aerobically. It was a gradual arrival at this point, but nonetheless, it occurred. That coupled with my vegetarian diet that I began in July and WHAM. Health 101.

So maybe I do weight 10 pounds less than I did before I began this running journey, and maybe my clothes are loser. But really, what does 10 pounds matter? I still wear the same clothes, though they fit differently, and mentally I feel the same. Most people probably don't even notice the difference. I think that though physical health is an important part of a successful life, at what point does it matter how physically healthy you are? Should I keep running and running and upping my miles or should I taper down and just be? What is the difference between running like I do know and training for a half marathon (my new years resolution)? Because how we feel about ourselves, while it is important, I think plateaus at a certain point. I mentally feel the same that I did before I became Robyn the Runner. Though running is my new way to achieve insight into myself.

So to what extent is the work it worth it?
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