Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Fret-Feb!

A super sweet friend gave me an awesome compliment on Thursday. She said..."You make me so happy because I feel like even though you're one of the busiest people, you're ALWAYS happy, peppy, and glad to be there. It warms my heart."

This meant a lot to me a). because it is an awesome compliment and b). because sometimes I don't necessarily think I am as peppy/happy as I could be. I worry at work that I act jaded when I don't agree with certain things I have to do or am told to do something last minute. I worry that I say what I feel too much and that it could be constrewed as negative and cynical. I really don't feel that way (I just hate when I have to do the same thing over and over again that doesn't work when others expect a different outcome each time...isn't that the term for crazy?...but that's not for here)!

However, I do know that how I act is mostly happy/peppy. It is just who I am. So even when I am mad or frustrated, I know that I do it in a peppy way (if that is possible). I also know that gossip and negativity spread easily, though, so I need to keep a watchful eye on what and who I say things to. I just have a hard time keeping anything to myself because it's no fun to be the only one who knows or thinks a certain way!!

So a new 2012 goal for me (since the veganism is not doing well...damn you hidden cheese/milk!) is to be more knowledgeable of my actions, watch my word choices and keep things to myself at work  (even with friends). It is no-fret FEB!
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