Monday, March 5, 2012

Target Women

Happy "snow day" Monday to those of you in central Virginia! It's a whole 1 inch of snow that is NOT even sticking to the ground, but I'll take it. No snows days all winter= a freakin' long winter for educators.

One great thing about having an unexpected day off (today specifically) is that I was able to attend a lecture at VCU on body image that I couldn't go to without taking personal time as it was from 9-11AM. Anyways, it was really great to be at an educational lecture about a topic that is very close to me. I also have been wishing I could take a course at VCU, but since my county does not offer tuition reimbursement at the moment, this is something that I can't do financially. But I SO miss being in the academic environment of learning, thinking, discussing and discovering. I know I am not done with school forever! I should probably be a professional student.

Anyways, it was a great lecture and gave me some good ideas about programs to run at the high school if I ever get time. That's the one thing that I struggle with at the high school level- I can never do everything I want to, because there are so many things that I HAVE to do that take up a lot of time. I did get good ideas about little things I can do though.

Anyways, among many of the great things we were shown was this video and I just had to share it:

And a more serious one to take away with you this week:

Be a positive role model this week!
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