Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter Socializing

Winter is definitely a slow period in my social life, mainly because I hate the cold and the dark. Well, it wasn't very cold this winter and I live closer to bars (aka within walking distance) so you would think I would have been more social. I think I was, but I just am leaving the phase of my life where I take pictures of everything, so sometimes it is hard to tell because I don't have as much physical evidence of my socializing. But I have felt plenty busy! So in between out of town trips for work and family, pet sitting, many movie nights at the Byrd, and babysitting, here is a little bit of what I have done outside of work!

Oh, hey, Bieber, please do join us in our very own private movie room

So sexy

Pretty ladies



St. Patties and March Madness

Joe's Band- "Social Phobia"!

And with that- happy SPRING this week!!! It's made an early arrival in VA, but I'll take some more:)!
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