Thursday, April 26, 2012

Average Day

Apparently it is becoming a big thing for magazines to show us what celebrities do on an average day. I actually really enjoy learning about other people's schedules (it's one of my quirks that I love to know when people usually go to bed/wake up and how they fill their idea why...probably because it reiterates that  everyone is doing nothing).

So since I am so interesting, here is an average spring weekday for me:

6:25 AM: Wake up
6:50 AM: Leave for work (I often carpool with a coworker)
7:10 AM: Arrive and begin the day!
11:30 AM: Lunch w/ coworkers
2:25 PM: Close up shop and head to the gym
4:00 PM: Come back to school to sell tickets at the soccer and baseball games
7:30 PM: Leave for home
8:00 PM: Watch TV while packing my lunch and getting everything ready for next day
10:00 PM: Bed
*If I don't have a game then I get home around 3 and usually go for a run and either have chorus rehearsal or hang around my place and run errands.

You're super amazed and interested in my exciting life aren't you? What is your average day like? Sound off in the comments!
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